About Us

Armando Ramos & Associates, Inc. has a mission to provide client representation ensuring they have the knowledge they need for all of their personal and professional real estate transaction requirements.

To achieve that mission, Armando Ramos & Associates, Inc.’ vision is to educate the client by coaching them throughout the process. Through individual customer capability analysis, Armando Ramos & Associates, Inc will tailor client education based on the individual’s real estate knowledge and experience. The analysis allows a process focused on providing the knowledge required from the information provided by the client.. We will guide the customer, ensuring compliance with all real estate rules & laws provided in California Real Estate. The combination of analysis and education will create a component that helps the client perform their transactions with the greatest confidence in their financial decisions.

Our tailored real estate & property management analysis collects client expectations at the forefront and uses those expectations to guide the real estate transaction. We will exceed client expectations meeting their specific goals in an ever changing real estate market. We value our clients and will emphasize the importance of relationships as we achieve the highest standards in service, accessibility, and reliability.

Meet Our Team

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    Armando Ramos
    Broker, Owner
    • BRE:01943454
      It is always a pleasure to represent my clients in their real estate transactions. As a real estate broker, I have enjoyed helping my clients complete their real estate transaction or real estate need in the most supportive, timely, and efficient way available. I am always here to help and assist in their real estate matters, whether the transaction involves property management, the sale or purchase of real estate, or a Broker Brice Opinions for an asset management company, the client is my priority. After 15 years in the real estate industry, I still enjoy and look forward to helping my client's with their real estate needs every step of the way…